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Consumer Survey: 41% of Parents are Buying More Organic Food than One Year Ago

I understand that I may be on the extreme end of things, in terms of my interest in and passion for organic food. In this regard, I know I kind of live in a bubble.

So, it is great to see that many other people are seeing organic food as a requisite to good health as well.

Funded by the Organic Trade Association and KIWI Magazine, a recent survey of consumers found that 41% of parents are buying more organic food today than one year ago. This figure is up significantly from the 31% who reported organic purchases in 2009 over the prior year.

The survey, which was conducted between August 11th – 27th this year, found that organic food purchases were spurred by three main reasons.

1) Parents see organic products as healthier than conventional foods.

2) Parents are concerned about the effects of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics on children.

3) Organic food is a way to avoid highly processed foods and/or artificial ingredients.

One very interesting finding from the survey was that consumers’ education level appears to be more significant than income level in predicting organic purchase behaviors.

So, if we can continue to educate people on the important benefits of organic food and the risks of eating conventional food, consumers will opt for organic. Even if they don’t switch to all organic, they will at least start buying some.

Education continues to be the main driver, not income level. This was particularly surprising and encouraging.

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