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The Benefits of Collagen Peptides for Hair, Skin and Athletic Performance

Very rarely do I write about supplements, but I came across one recently that I think is fantastic – Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins.

And even though I have only been using it for a relatively short time, I am already noticing improvements in my hair, skin, and performance levels when working out.

First off, what is collagen and why does it help our body?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and is found in our muscles, bones, skin, ligaments, blood vessel walls, and tendons. It comprises 30% of the protein in our overall body and 70% of the protein that makes up our skin. Collagen is essentially the “glue” that holds our body together.

Not surprisingly, as we get older, collagen production decreases. Poor dietary and lifestyle choices (processed foods, sugar, smoking, too much sun, chemical overload), stress, sickness and long-term strenuous exercise play a role in reduced levels in collagen as well.

So, if we think about collagen being that “glue” that holds our body together, we need to make sure that we are doing what we can to maintain collagen levels. When that “glue” weakens or decreases, we suffer from wrinkles, sagging skin, muscle soreness, and joint and muscle pain.

Despite the fact that our body has the capacity to produce the amino acids found in collagen, it doesn’t always do so at the levels that we desire or need, especially as we age.

Therefore, many people look for external sources of collagen.

And that’s where the Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins comes in.

Collagen Peptides contain 18 amino acids, including 8 out of 9 essential amino acids, and has a predominance of glycine (good for inflammation, sleep, and detox) and proline (good for muscle tissue).

Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins is produced from grass-fed, grass-finished, pasture-raised cows that are free of any GMOs, growth hormones or artificial ingredients. Batch testing for heavy metals is done on a regular basis.

The product is highly digestible and can be used in water or smoothies. It is virtually odorless and tasteless, and is very easy to consume.

In terms of why collagen peptides vs. gelatin, the nutritional profile is nearly the same but the application is different. The gelatin will “gel” when used in cold foods while the peptides will easily mix in cold or hot liquids.

As I said, rarely do I talk about supplements but this is one that I am using and finding to be very beneficial, and I wanted to share this information with you. Please make sure you consult a doctor before using this or any other supplement.

To purchase Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins, visit HERE.

(Disclosure: Vital Proteins is not paying me to write about this product. It is something that I genuinely use and like. I do, however, make a small affiliate fee from any sale that is generated. This fee helps to offset the cost of operating this site.)

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