Chocolate Mint Herbs Make One Fantastic Tea

I am in Nantucket now and one of my absolute favorite things to do out here is to make a visit to Pumpkin Pond Farm, a certified organic farm.

Yesterday, I went over to Pumpkin Pond Farm and found some amazingly gorgeous food – lacinato kale, lettuce, tomatoes, and, yes, chocolate mint.

While I knew that there were many different kinds of mint (there are actually hundreds of them) and have eaten mint plenty of times in ice cream or in chocolate bars, little did I know that there was an organic chocolate mint herb. I always thought that the chocolate and mint were separate and then added together.

After eating a few of the leaves right from the plant, I knew that I couldn’t wait to go home and make tea with them.

The aroma was not weak by any means. The chocolate smell definitely held its own, and I was thankful for that. Once steeped into hot water and then drank, it was very hard to believe that no cacao powder or sweetener had been added. In that sense, it was almost too good to be true.

The taste was refreshing, soothing, and satisfying. And without a question, this is a herb that I’ll be asking and looking for anytime I go to a farmer’s market from now on.

In the future, I’d love to use chocolate mint in a lemonade or in a salad. Well, maybe that’s exactly what I’ll do for tonight’s dinner.


Sometime in August, I plan on shooting a video for livingmaxwell at Pumpkin Pond Farm in Nantucket, so you can get an up-close look at this very special place.

As you may know already, being able to put organic food into your body within minutes after it has been picked takes the experience of eating to a whole new level.


  • Sergei says:

    Hey! I used to drink this tea when I was small, back in Belarus. I sure it still grows at our summer house garden.
    Do you know where could I get the seeds to cultivate it in UK ? Thanks in advance!

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