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Best Trade Show Booths of Natural Products Expo East 2014 – The Honest Company, TumericALIVE, Bitsy’s Brainfood

One of my favorite things that to do after Natural Products Expo East and Natural Products Expo West is to give awards for the best trade show booths.

Some companies put a tremendous amount of time and effort into their booths, and this is something that I believe should be acknowledged.

Here were my three favorite trade show booths from Natural Products Expo East 2014.


It didn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that The Honest Company’s trade show booth was the most impressive one that I have ever seen. Yes, ever.

Even though the company has serious resources at its disposal – it raised $70 million from investors last month – the reality is that money doesn’t guarantee good taste or good design. 

Yet, The Honest Company’s booth demonstrated an abundance of both.

A tremendous amount of thought went into the understated yet modern design, and the attention to detail was absolutely meticulous, from the grass walls to the potted window sills to the decorative windows to the box shelves.

The wooden walls, open roof, soft colors, and excellent use of lighting created a very warm and welcoming environment within the confines of a cold, convention center space.

Sarah Won, the in-house designer who oversaw the creation of this booth, is a bona fide rock star.


TumericALIVE’s booth was fantastic, especially considering that the company had such little space to work with.

Yet, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because Greg Fleishman, former marketing chief at both Suja and Sambazon, and multiple winner of previous trade show booth awards, is now helping to run the company with founder Daniel Sullivan (2nd from right in the picture above) and oversees all creative endeavors.

The finished wood fixtures, beautiful pillows, drapery ceiling, gorgeous hanging lamps, statue of Ganesha, and other decorative elements created a sense of warmth and comfort, and made me feel more zen on the crazed Expo East trade show floor.

Michel D’Angelo from Exhibe and Lindsey Wilner did a great job with this one.


Bitsy’s Brainfood, another multiple winner of my best trade show booth award, made excellent use of its corner space location and displayed a fantastic array of kids toys and school supplies throughout the booth.

However, the most impressive aspect of this booth was the hand-painted mural on the back wall – the A B C’s of Healthy Eating.

Not only is the mural incredibly unique and educational, but it is not being thrown into some storage closet after the trade show. This piece of work is being donated to a local NYC school, so young kids can actually learn from it for years to come.

Founders Maggie Jones Patton and Alexandra Buckley Voris are proving themselves to be some of the most creative individuals in the entire organic industry.

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