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Best Trade Show Booth from Natural Products Expo East 2013 – Brad’s Raw Foods

Prior to arriving in Baltimore for Natural Products Expo East 2013, I was really curious to see who would have the best trade show booth.

Yet, it only took a few seconds to realize who the clear winner was.


Dubbed “the Barn” by the company, this amazing piece of work accomplished two things.

One, it accentuated the brand’s packaging with the wood’s color and texture. Two, it maximized the allotted floor space since the second level was able to hold up to 10 people and served as a private space for meetings.

Possibly, the smartest thing about this booth was that Brad’s Raw Foods created a video (see below) on how it was built.

If there was an award as to who won the entire trade show, Brad’s Raw Foods would have taken that prize home as well. Why?

It seemed as if nearly half of the people in the convention center were walking around with the company’s over-sized “Kale is Kool” bags.

Brad’s Raw Foods had a very clear and well thought-out strategy as to how to have the biggest impact on the entire trade show, and they totally nailed it.

Awesome work, Brad!

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