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The Two Best Organic Salads in New York City

While there are many great organic restaurants in New York City, the quality of the salad varies from place to place.

For me, the key factors that determine whether an organic salad is noteworthy or not are freshness, taste, uniqueness of ingredients, presentation, and value.

At the end of the day, however, there is one dominant reason that these two are listed below – these are the ones that I think about and crave on a regular basis.


Sun in Bloom in Brooklyn is the absolute hidden gem of the New York City organic restaurant scene. This may be the only restaurant I go to where I have a strong desire to order the entire menu and everything in the refrigerator case.

Given that I do have to limit myself, I never fail to order the Bella Divine.

What makes the Bella Divine so fantastic is the freshness and softness of the kale, and the perfect amount of dressing. But without a doubt, the star of this salad is the sauerkraut.

Rarely, if ever, do I see salads that contain sauerkraut and this ingredient makes the dish. As a result of discovering the Bella Divine, I now incorporate sauerkraut into every single salad that I make at home.

Aside from the health benefits, sauerkraut adds a whole new dimension and complexity to the flavor of a salad.

The ingredients in the Bella Divine are avocado, dulse, housemade raw sauerkraut, kale, and a sesame ginger dressing.


There is no other organic restaurant in New York City that even comes close to offering such a wide array of amazing organic salads.

While I have a small rotation of salads that I order when I go to One Lucky Duck, I always seem to come back to the Pumpkinseed and Herb Salad.

With this dish you’re not just eating fresh greens, but you’re also getting herbs such as cilantro and mint. This is a flavor profile that you rarely find in an organic salad.

Three other aspects of the salad that I love.

One, I am a huge fan of the the raw vegan parmesan on top. Two, I love how it comes in a big bowl – too many salads come on plate or in a small bowl. Three, the quantity of the salad is such that it will easily fill you up and can be your entire dinner.

The ingredients in the Pumpkinseed and Herb Salad are greens, kale, parsley, cilantro, mint, hemp seeds, pumpkinseed macadamia parmesan, and pumpkinseed lemon dressing.


Having easy and regular access to Sun in Bloom and One Lucky Duck is reason enough to live in New York City.

Definitely check them out the next time you’re in town and try their salads. As you can tell, I am huge fan of them both.

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