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Abe’s Market Has Launched a Cool New Program Called Try for $2

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely LOVE trying new and interesting organic products.

Yet, there are a few challenges with this.

One, how do you find them.

Two, there is a risk associated with spending money on all of these products, especially if you take one bite of a $7 granola and don’t like it.

Three, if you’re a subscriber to a monthly $20 box of healthy products, there is a decent chance that you won’t be inspired by many of the picks that show up at your door.

Abe’s Market, a fantastic e-commerce site that specializes in natural and organic products, has come up a great solution that addresses all of these problems.

Just launched yesterday, Abe’s Market has rolled out a very smart program called Try for $2.

Each week, the company will showcase a number of hand-picked natural and organic products, all of which will be priced at $2, including the cost of shipping.

So, not only does Abe’s Market do the curating for you – which saves you time – but they are offering each product at a very low price – which makes it a low-risk proposition.

The other day I spoke with Richard Demb, the co-founder of Abe’s Market, who gave me a complete rundown of the program.

He said that “we have partnered with many of our favorite brands, big and small, to make it easier than ever to try their products. We all understand that trying something new is sometimes a risk — maybe it won’t taste good, maybe my kids never touch it — at its core we are removing that risk and opening up new, better, options.”

As part of giving consumers a heavily discounted price on these products, Abe’s Market is asking for customer feedback on each purchase.

The company plans on rotating its selected products on a weekly basis, and in its inaugural group, there are several great organic ones, including Barnana.


Even though I go to all of the organic trade shows and am constantly scouring supermarket aisles, new products are coming out all of the time and I just don’t see everything.

Therefore, to have a service like this will be a great resource for me and for many other shoppers as well. This is particularly the case because I trust the curation ability of Abe’s Market.

I have been keeping a close eye on this company over the past few years and have been very impressed with everything they do — from the user experience they create to the vast product catalog that they offer.

Overall, Abe’s Market is playing a very valuable role in helping consumers find and purchase the best organic products in the market, and the Try for $2 program is just more evidence of this.

One final note. While not every single selection in the Try for $2 program is organic, it doesn’t really matter because you can just pick the ones that are.

You only try what you want, and that’s the beauty of this initiative.

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