Your focus on Glyphosate is timely. But you don’t map out a solution. A key personal motivator is testing. And though The Detox Project used to do it, they quit about 2 years ago with resumption promises that have missed their timeline. So how does the individual get tested for Glyphosate?

  • Robert says:

    Hahaha… ha. Do you know what the people in the photo are spraying? Because I can guarantee it isn’t Roundup. How do I know this? Because unlike all of the other uneducated twits on here, I have actually applied Roundup.

    Of the hundreds of farmers that I know that use it I have never seen even one wear anything more complex than jeans and a tshirt. I have personally witnessed people being doused with Roundup and suffer absolutely no ill effect.

    But you know who would require PPE like that? Someone that is applying an “organic” pesticide, that’s who. So keep on preaching about how Monsanto is destroying the world while while organic produce uses pesticides that are a hundred times more toxic.

  • lyn atkinson says:

    I think we should use natural products to stop insects eating produce

  • Arthur Doucette says:

    Glyphosate was found in 93% of the 131 urine samples tested at an average level of 3.096 parts per billion (PPB). All this proves is we can detect incredibly low concentrations of glyphosate. Secondly, we would expect to find it in the urine, as that’s one of the main ways we eliminate it from our body. Now as to quantity, the ADI of glyphosate is 2 mg/kg per day. This is 100 times lower than the dose that shows no adverse effects when consumed daily for months on end by the most sensitive species tested. (and by no effects, that’s based on blood samples and tissue examination). So, a normal adult puts out from 1 to 2 liters of urine a day. Assuming this person is on the high side, at 2 liters per day. 3.096 ppb = .003096 ppm = .003096 mg/l, or .006 mg of glyphosate. Since urine is about 1/3rd of our method of elimination (the rest is in the feces) this would indicate that the dietary amount of glyphosate was 0.018 mg, which is about 1/9,000th the ADI, which means it is FAR FAR below any level that would be considered harmful.

    • Dawn Anewday says:

      “when consumed daily for months on end by the most sensitive species tested.” How many months on end and please cite your source.

  • Dawn says:

    Hi Maxwell Thanks for the great information! Everyone needs to share your post. Please add a quick post click on this webpage. I went to your face book page because I thought I could share this article there. I found your face book page but, I did not find this article with the very important information regarding Monsanto’s chemicals that are extremely toxic! This information that you share needs to be easily facilitated to face book and all the other social networking sites. I finally copied your Url address for this article and shared this article on face book. I also tried your you tube page. I found an old interview with Whole Foods from 2013. please update your information. I was surprised to see a three year old video as your lead on your You Tube Subscribers page!
    Thank you for all you do Maxwell. I do appreciate the emails I receive from you because you truly do care, and you always promote organic living and health and happiness for our lives, thank you very much.
    Sincerely, Dawn

  • Linda says:

    Why are they all wearing the whit suits as they spray the vineyards? Monsanto has bought our government/FDA

  • Deidre Kira says:

    Thanks for all the great info! I just lost my BFF (dog) 2 months from Hemangiosarcoma (soft tissue cancer). Now I’m wondering if the places I used to take him walking everyday, were all sprayed w/roundup! I definitely will share your site & this article w/all my friends & family members! I’ve been telling them how bad Roundup is, but no one listens or believes! I don’t know what it is! Now I have the proof! Thank you again for educating us, so we can do better!

    • Janet Calabrese says:

      And the grain in thenfood you fed him was probably also sprayed and the food the chicken ate in his food was probably also sprayed and and and. Sad

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