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My 3-Day Silent Meditation Retreat

Early this morning was the start of a 3-day silent meditation retreat I am doing here in New York City hosted by an organization called The Art of Living. (Last night was the introduction/orientation but today begins the official silence).

I took the beginning course at The Art of Living in 2004 where I learned the very powerful
Sudarshan Kriya breathing exercise and hadn’t been back there until an Open House event a few weeks ago.

It was at this Open House that several people told me the Art of Silence course completely rocked their world. One woman told me that she had never been able to create a profitable business until she took this course, and her company has exploded ever since and revenues continue to grow like crazy.

When she told me this story, it really hit home. Why?

To be very honest, I have been feeling stuck in certain parts of my life over these past few months. There are some very important (and cool) projects that I am currently working on, but building the momentum to get them past the finish line has been a real challenge and I have been looking for something to give me the jolt that I need.

So, I quickly signed up for the course and am very, very excited to get started.


This weekend will be filled with lots of guided meditations, yoga, Sudarshan Kriya, and something that I am over the moon ecstatic about – three days of silence. It is going to be amazing to have a break from talking.

So, once this post goes up and after I update my social media pages, I am disconnecting from all electronics, email, and Internet for nearly 72 hours.

If I don’t approve comments right away or am absent from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, now you know why. It’s not that I don’t appreciate you all, it is merely because I am “checking out to check in”.

What about food? Yes, I’ll be bringing plenty of organic food each day and will prepare my meals in the kitchen at the center.

In fact, when I went to my local organic market last night to stock up, the woman at the register said to me “What’s going on? You never buy this much food!”

I was quite impressed and kind of shocked that she picked up on that.

But as I told Well + Good in their profile of me and my fridge, I go to the local organic market every single day because there are two of them literally just a few blocks away and I also LOVE food shopping.

So, after I get out of class tomorrow night and Saturday night, I am heading straight home and there will be no detours to pick up food. And no watching football or the U.S. Open tennis.

I have no expectations of what I will get out of this course but do hope that it will be transformative. There are some big things that I want to do in the world, and I need a little bit of help right now.


Curious about my meditation practice? Here’s a post I wrote about it and the visualization that I do each day.

See you on Monday!

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