Whole Foods Co-CEO Walter Robb Says Organic Food “Worth the Cost”, Stanford Study Flawed

Since the Stanford study came out a week ago, the organic industry has been under constant attack.

While a litany of bloggers, academics, and health advocates have stood up for organic, the industry’s leading company, Whole Foods, is using its muscle to do the same.

As I reported last week, Whole Foods came out and endorsed Proposition 37, the very important GMO-labeling initiative in California.

And today, Whole Foods Co-CEO Walter Robb was interviewed on Yahoo! Finance to defend organic food, said that it is “worth the cost”, and attacked the methodology used in the Stanford report. Stanford, by the way, is Walter Robb’s alma mater.

This is a great interview and worth a few minutes of your time, especially if you’ve never seen Walter Robb on camera before. Having spoken with him in person on numerous occasions, my opinion of Walter Robb is nothing but very, very positive.


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