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Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko

Victoria Boutenko is a very big name in the raw food world and recently came out with an updated version of her classic Green for Life.

While I do not believe in a 100% raw food diet and do disagree with her about combining fruits and vegetables (for examples, melons should never be mixed with anything, only eaten alone), I like her book for a few reasons:

1) It provides some incredibly interesting health information that I never knew before.

2) It is very concise and to the the point. No wasted pages.

3) It got me to see the importance of Green Smoothies. I know make them on a regular basis with my Blendtec blender. Prior to reading her book, I never made or drank Green Smoothies. I only drank green juice.

Out of all the health books that I have purchased over the years, this is one of the best.