Organic Peanuts: Safe to Eat? – Episode #2

At the recent 2010 Natural Products Expo West Trade Show, I interviewed Kris Fillat, the founder of The GoodOnYa Bar.

During our conversation, Kris gave me a really interesting explanation about the safety of peanuts as it relates to salmonella. If you are like me and have been nervous to eat peanuts because of the health scares in the news, this is one video that you will want to watch.

Kris also gives us some background on her company and her amazing Breakfast Bar. It is one of the best bars that I have tasted in a long, long time.


  • Hi Luis,

    Thanks for your great feedback. I always try to put links in the articles. In the post above, I put two different links to the GoodOnYa Bar’s site.

    Please let me know if they didn’t work for you.

    Live well,

  • Luis Arias says:

    Max, you really are making me live my life to the MAX!
    I’d appreciate if you post a link on your articles to the products you are reviewing.
    Thanks man and keep the good and organic work!


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