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The Philippines is Making Big Push for Organic Farming

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how the Minster of Agriculture in France wants the country to be 25% organic farming within four to five years.

Well, I just learned that the Philippines wants to do even better. The Philippines is already at 20-25% organic farming and Agriculture Secretary Proseso Alcala is pushing for an ever greater percentage.


There are a few primary reasons that Secretary Alcala wants his country to grow more organic.

1) Demand He sees what everyone else sees — that the demand for organic food is growing rapidly and isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

The internal demand for organic food is strong but it is also coming from other parts of Asia, including Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

Additionally, Europe has a big appetite for the country’s organic muscovado, a minimally refined sugar that has a course grain and high molasses content.

Given the demand for organic food, it is logical (pay attention U.S. politicians) for the government to encourage investment in this area.

2) Input Costs Secretary Alcala understands that GMO-food relies on synthetic pesticides. These pesticides are petroleum-based, must be shipped from other countries and are expensive.

Why send money abroad if Philippine farmers can make and use their own organic fertilizers?

He would rather have the money reinvested back into the community. Again, so smart. So logical.

3) Global Competitiveness and Subsidies Secreatary Alcala clearly understands that many countries, such as the U.S., heavily subsidize the conventional or GMO-food industry.

Therefore, competing against this industry is very, very hard. Producing organic food, which the U.S. and almost every other country does not subsidize, is a much more intelligent strategic decision for the economy.


I love reading how government officials around the world are embracing organic farming. They understand that it is the food that people want, it is the food that can create jobs and it is the only food that can feed the world.

Way to go Philippines! I am super-impressed.

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