RARE VIDEO: Obama Promised to Label GMOs While on Campaign Trail – Then Abandons Promise Once in Office

If you’ve been following my blog over the past few months, you know that the Right2Know March is taking place right now.

I was there for the kick-off, which started on October 1st in NYC and ends this Sunday in Washington, and I’ll be there for the finale as well.

The objective of the Right2Know March is to demand that our government label genetically-modified food.

More than 30 countries around the world label their genetically-modified food because they know that it is inherently different from non-genetically-modified and poses real health risks.

As Americans, we have the right to know what is in our food.

Apparently, President Obama feels the same way.

Wait, let me restate that. He used to feel the same way.

In some very rare video footage, you will see him on the campaign trail in 2007 saying that GMOs, in fact, should be labeled.

So, what happened when he got in office? Well, he changed his tune completely and started promoting a MAJOR pro-GMO agenda.

This includes:

– Naming Tom Vilsack to head the USDA. Vilsack was named Governor of the Year by the Biotechnology Industry Association, the trade group that actively promotes GMOs.

Deregulating genetically-engineering alfalfa, a policy decision that has absolutely disastrous implications for the organic dairy and meat industries.

– Allowing the USDA to completely ignore the rulings of federal courts when it comes to completing thorough and scientifically-sound Environmental Impact Studies of GM-crops.

– Rubber stamping the approval of nearly every GM-crop that gets proposed.

– Recess appointing (bypassing the normal approval process of Congress) Islam Siddiqui to a very senior trade position. Siddiqui has derided the European Union for banning hormone-treated beef.

Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Director of The Center for Food Safety, has said that Obama is “worse than Bush” when it comes to organics.


Fortunately, The Center for Food Safety just filed a petition with the FDA demanding that GMOs be labeled. This is an official legal document that the FDA must respond to and cannot ignore.

It is essential that everyone submits their name saying that they want GMOs to be labeled, and our goal is to get 1 to 4 million people to do so.

I already submitted mine. Will you do the same?

Click HERE to take action and help make labeling a requirement for GMOs.


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