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Look Who is Trying to Discredit This Very Important Food Movie

In case you haven’t heard, a documentary called Fed Up recently hit theaters and it is a MUST-SEE movie.

While some people may think that they already know the core issues that this film explores and don’t need to bother seeing it, that is a serious mistake.

The stories shared in Fed Up will greatly impact you and will get you more emotionally involved in this very important cause.  

Fed Up takes an in-depth look at the obesity crisis that America faces and correctly depicts this epidemic as genocide. We are literally killing our fellow citizens with the food that we are feeding them.

And who is responsible for this?

The film squarely places the blame on the major food corporations, sugar manufacturers, lobbyists, and complicit politicians, all of whom contribute to making sure American citizens are fed a constant diet of high sugar, super-processed “food”.

Not content to take this assault lying down, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), a lobbying organization which represents all of the biggest food, chemical, and GMO-companies, has launched a very misleading, counter-website called Fed Up Facts.

In case you’re not familiar with the GMA, here are just a few of its proudest

– The GMA helped launch the “Safe and Affordable Food Act” (the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act), which, among many other things, would deny states the ability to label GMOs and place all GMO-labeling power in the hands of the FDA, a government agency that it has great influence over.

– The GMA and its member companies have poured over $50 million into political action committees to help block GMO-labeling ballot initiatives in California and Washington state over the past two years.

– The GMA was sued by the attorney general in the state of Washington for violating the state’s campaign disclosure laws during Washington’s GMO-labeling campaign, I-522. The GMA collected and contributed more than $7 million to the No on 522 campaign while shielding the identities of the companies donating that money.

– The GMA announced that it will be suing the state of Vermont, in an attempt to overturn that state’s successful GMO-labeling measure.

So, who should consumers believe?

(1) The information shared in Fed Up by people such as Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the country’s leading physicians and an 8-time New York Times #1 best-selling author, or

(2) Fed Up Facts, a website funded by the GMA.

To me, the answer is very obvious.

Please go see Fed Up as soon as possible because everyone needs to know the disturbing truth about what is really happening to the people in our country. Fed Up is playing at theaters nationwide.

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