Top 5 Organic Food Products from Expo West 2017

As I do after each Natural Products Expo West, I name my top 5 organic food products of the show.

This year, it was especially difficult to choose just five. Not only did this year’s Expo West have nearly 2,800 vendors, but the quality of products from organic food companies has never been better.

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Here are My Top 5 Organic Food Products from Natural Products Expo West 2017.


If you are familiar with MCT oil, popularized by the Bulletproof coffee craze, and are an organic food person, you are also aware that there has been no organic MCT oil on the market. Until now.
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Top 5 Organic Food Products from Natural Products Expo East 2016

As I do at the end of each Expo East and Expo West, I list my top 5 organic food products of the show.

Some of the criteria that I use to judge the best products include originality, taste, and innovation. Also, I try as hard as I can to include products that most people have never seen before.

At last week’s show in Baltimore, there were many great organic products to choose from but here are the ones that I found to be the most compelling. These are My Top 5 Organic Products from Natural Products Expo East 2016.



Having watched this company for several years now, I give major kudos to the folks at Forager Project.

Despite being one of the country’s leading pressed organic juice brands, Forager has not been sitting still. Instead, it has pushed very hard to expand into food, with a complete emphasis on plant-based ingredients. Read more »

12 Compelling Finds at Indie Beauty Expo in New York City

(Jillian Wright on the far left, Founder of Indie Beauty Expo)

(Jillian Wright on the far left, Founder of Indie Beauty Expo)

Last week in New York City, I attended Indie Beauty Expo, a showcase for independent organic and natural personal care products. This was the second year of Indie Beauty Expo, and I was incredibly impressed by both the show itself and the quality of the companies that presented.

While Living Maxwell mainly deals with organic food, body care products will be an area of focus going forward. This is because 60% of whatever we put on our skin gets into our bodies. So, that means the personal care products that we use are of utmost importance.

Here were 12 of the most interesting finds at Indie Beauty Expo. Some are USDA certified organic, while others contain both organic and natural ingredients. Read more »

Organic Produce Summit takes place in California, Amid Record-Breaking Growth for the Sector


Last week in Monterey, CA, the very first Organic Produce Summit was held, and given the importance of produce within the organic industry, it was no surprise that this event was so successful and so well-received.

At the larger trade shows that I go to – Natural Products Expo West, Natural Products Expo East and Fancy Food Show – there is little to no presence of organic fruit and vegetable vendors. So, to have a dedicated event for organic produce makes a tremendous amount of sense.

And maybe that explained why the Organic Produce Summit was sold out, and featured 600 attendees and 70 trade show booths. Read more »

Top 5 Organic Food Products from Fancy Food Show 2016

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Last week in New York City, I attended the Fancy Food Show 2016, one of the best food shows of the year.

While it is not an organic food show per se, there is an increasing amount of organic vendors and I would estimate that about 15-20% of the booths there do offer some type of organic product.  Read more »

Best Trade Show Booths from Natural Products Expo West 2016 – Bitsy’s Brainfood, Vita Coco

While the main attraction of Natural Products Expo West and Natural Products Expo East are the newest and best products, one aspect of the show that goes overlooked are the trade show booths themselves.

Some companies put a tremendous amount of time, money, and thought into their booths, and I like to acknowledge those organizations who place real importance on making theirs stand out. To me, it speaks volumes.

When selecting my best trade show booth winners, I look for four main qualities: creativity, design, originality, and execution.

There were a lot of very good trade show booths from Natural Products Expo West 2016, but these two stood out from the rest.



I might as well re-name this award the Bitsy’s Brainfood Trade Show Booth Award since they have won so many times already. Read more »