Dr. Andrew Weil’s True Food Kitchen was Very Impressive

For Thanksgiving, I was in Denver with my family and stopped by the newly opened True Food Kitchen, which is partially owned by Dr. Andrew Weil.

We went there twice for lunch, and each time it was a 30-40 minute wait. After eating at True Food Kitchen, I understood why.

The food and drinks were excellent, the service was outstanding, and the menu was wide and varied.

In terms of organic, they said that any item they served that was on the Dirty Dozen List was organic but other than that, they couldn’t guarantee it.

Yet, when I went through individual items with the waitress at the table about what was organic and what was not organic, it seemed that almost everything was organic. Or, at least what I had was.

Here are a few things that I ordered. Read more »

The Four Superfoods That I Consume on a Regular Basis

I am of the belief that food is medicine, and the best food we can put into our bodies is organic.

That being said, there are some organic foods that have higher nutritional value than others – often referred to as superfoods – and I try to incorporate them into my diet on a regular basis.

While the following superfoods are by no means the only ones you’ll find in my kitchen, I have been consuming these four quite frequently as of late.


Throughout the years, I have gone in many different directions looking for the best thing to put into my body but I always seem to end up in the same place – wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass may very well be the most nutritious food in the world, largely because of its high chlorophyll content.

The primary health benefits include:

– Phenomenal for the blood: purifies it, cleanses it of debris, increases red blood cell count, lowers blood pressure, and restores alkalinity to the blood.

– The enzymes and amino acids in wheatgrass protect us from carcinogens, strengthens our cells, and detoxes our liver.

– Stimulates the thyroid gland. Read more »

Top 5 Organic Products at the 2012 Natural Products Expo West Trade Show

I just returned from the the 2012 Natural Products Expo West trade show in Anaheim, California and saw some fantastic organic products.

These five, however, really captured my attention.


There is no other company that brings a greater number of healthy, sustainable, and innovative products to the market than Big Tree Farms.

Each year that I go to Expo West, I just shake my head in disbelief when company founders Ben Ripple and Frederick Schilling, two verifiable rock stars, show me their latest offerings. Not only do these guys set trends in the industry, but they are obsessive about employing manufacturing techniques that maximize nutrition levels.

While I could fill this entire post with Big Tree Farms products, the one that I left most excited about was their Tru Ra line of organic moringa, a green superfood that is almost beyond comparison – more Vitamin A than carrots, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more Vitamin C than oranges, and more potassium than bananas. Read more »

Final Reflections on Costa Rica, What the Heck is a Biodigester, What Noni Looks Like

Before heading down to Costa Rica, I had no idea that it would be one of the best trips that I would ever take and that it would impact me so greatly.

Now back in New York City, I have been trying to wrap my arms around why I loved it so much. Three main things come to mind:

1) First and foremost, it was a phenomenal group of people on the trip. Despite the fact that almost none of us had ever met before, we all got along really, really well. No drama, very easy, and everyone was extremely likeable.

Additionally, the individuals from EARTH University who hosted and took us around Costa Rica were beyond gracious. Their warmth and concern for our well-being was just truly amazing. Read more »

Top 5 Organic Products from the 2011 Natural Products Expo East Trade Show

I just returned from Baltimore where I attended the 2011 Natural Products Expo East Trade Show, one of the biggest organic food trade shows of the year.

There were many fantastic organic food products that I saw but these five really captured my attention.


The Kur Organic Delights Brownie was one of the first foods that I sampled at Expo East and the taste absolutely blew me away. Read more »

Honest Tea – New Passion Fruit Drink to Benefit Cancer Foundation

Just as I profiled Steaz several months ago with their initiative to empower women, Honest Tea has launched something similar. However, Honest Tea is doing this with a brand new and innovative product.

The company recently introduced Passion Fruit Green Tea with Maqui Berry. There are a few unique attributes to this drink.

– Most importantly, Honest Tea has partnered with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and will be donating $100,000 in 2010 to this great non-profit. The limited-edition bottles have Komen for the Cure pink ribbons and caps.

Interestingly, the drink’s central component is green tea.  Green tea contains powerful antioxidants, which help fight cancer.

– This is the first bottled tea that is made with organic stevia.

– Maqui berry is also included.  I have never had maqui berry but it is a South American super-food that has been reported to have higher levels of antioxidants than the acai berry.

The tea is now available in New York City and in the Mid-Atlantic region. Honest Tea will be rolling it out over the next few months and nationwide distribution will be in place by January.

Fantastic idea for a great cause!


I also love the fact that Honest Tea is blazing a new trail with the maqui berry.

While I don’t know every drink on the market, I have never heard of tea that has this super-food. It will be interesting to see if this berry steals some thunder from the very popular acai.