TIME SENSITIVE: Suja’s Limited Edition Midnight Tonic — Do What You Can to Get Them

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Last week, I got a mysterious shipment from Suja and it was six black bottles of juice with a note inside of it that said:

A Secret So Juicy We Had to Share

I found this to be very strange on several levels.

Normally, when the company sends me product, I get advance warning and I also know what they are shipping out to me. In this package, not only did I have no idea that it was coming, but I had no idea what these juices were when I opened the box. You couldn’t read the label while the bottle was full of juice.  Read more »

My Dinner at Choices Cafe in Miami, Florida


If you follow me on Facebook, you know that last week I took a short trip to Miami — I put up a bunch of pictures of the juice that I drank and the food that I ate down there.

What you didn’t see was food from a visit to Choices Cafe, an organic vegan restaurant in downtown Miami, right off of Brickell.

Given that several of my friends in the industry had told me about Choices Cafe and the restaurant has been listed in my Pressed Organic Juice Directory for quite some time, I was eager to go check it out. Read more »

I Love Seeing Pressed Organic Juice with Sprouts

As I have been writing about for the past year or so, I have been trying to juice with sprouts as much as possible. Why?

According to the Hippocrates Health Institute, the key benefits of sprouts include:

– Increased vitality, energy, and vigor from the large amount of enzymes.

– 10 to 100 times more enzymes than fruits and vegetables when eaten within the first seven days of being sprouted.

– Powerful antioxidants which help fight free radicals and aging.

– The minerals and nutrients are easily absorbed into the body.

Given my penchant for these superfoods, I was very happily surprised last week to find a pressed organic juice company in Boston, Revitalive, that uses sprouts. Read more »

Top 5 Organic Food Trends for 2012

I see these five products, issues and technologies making some real noise in the organic food industry this year.


In the U.S., we are very familiar and comfortable with superfoods from Latin America, such as maca, chia seeds, and acai.

Yet, Africa has its own group of superfoods as well, and they are only going to grow in popularity.

These extremely nutritious, protein-rich and antioxidant-heavy foods, such as moringa (above) and baobab, will become much more ubiquitous and prominent in 2012.

I have read that moringa has 10x the Vitamin A of carrots, 17x the calcium of milk, 15x the potassium of bananas, 25x the iron of spinach, and 4x the chlorophyll of wheatgrass. Read more »

My Sincere Thanks to the Organic Food Industry and to My Readers

In terms of organic food, there is a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

While every single participant in the organic food industry plays a critical role, I’d like to single out these three groups this year and express my sincere gratitude.

Organic Farmers Is there anyone more important to the industry than organic farmers?

These are the individuals who work brutally long hours, face the high costs and burdensome paperwork for USDA organic certification, and deal with unpredictable weather conditions, all to bring us the most nutritious food available. Read more »

My Analysis of Starbucks’ $30M Acquisition of Evolution Fresh, Getting into the Organic Juice Business

Yesterday, Starbucks announced that it had purchased Evolution Fresh for $30 million in cash and held a conference call formally disclosing its plans to enter the $50 billion health and wellness industry.

Started by Jimmy Rosenberg, the original founder of Naked Juice, Evolution Fresh is a California-based company that sells a line of organic and non-organic pressed juices in retail locations on the West Coast.

This acquisition by Starbucks is just the first step of a large strategic initiative to tap into the growing health and wellness sector. Read more »