The Lentil and Black Bean Pastas by Tolerant Foods are Fantastic!


Just like many other people, I love eating pasta.

However, I don’t eat pasta that has gluten in it, so that generally leaves me with pasta made from quinoa, corn or rice.

While I don’t have issues with any of these three, I had always wanted something a little different.

That is why I totally flipped out when I came across the red lentil pasta by Tolerant Foods at Natural Products Expo West earlier this year. I was so excited about this pasta that I immediately named it to my Top 5 Organic Products of the Show.

It is rich and hearty, and the texture is strikingly similar to a wheat or flour pasta. Read more »

Dave’s Gourmet Wants to Pay You up to $1,000,000 for Your Amazing Homemade Sauce

The maker of one of my absolute favorite organic pasta sauces, Dave’s Gourmet, whose sauces have won best in the industry awards two years in a row, is running a very interesting contest right now.

Instead of offering someone a few thousand dollars for a great recipe, Dave’s Gourmet Recipe Challenge is taking it to a whole new level.

If Dave’s Gourmet thinks that your pasta sauce, dip or salsa is that unique, the company will manufacture and sell it, and you could earn up to $1,000,000 in royalties for the first six years.

According to Dave Hirschkop, founder of Dave’s Gourmet, “I know that somewhere, someone is home making their own sauce because they know it’s better than anything they can get at the supermarket. Well, I want that sauce. I want to manufacture it and bring it to people around the world. The only problem I’ve had in that equation was how to find it.” Read more »

Fettuchini Made from Organic Mung Beans – An Interesting Idea

For pasta purists, the thought of fettuchini made from organic mung beans is nothing short of heresy.

Yet for people who are constantly seeking alternatives to white or whole wheat pastas (you can put me in this category), a mung bean product is intriguing.

I’ve eaten plenty of non-traditional pastas, such as brown rice, spelt, vegetable, and quinoa, but I cannot recall ever eating a pasta made strictly from beans.

And organic mung beans nonetheless, one of my favorite beans.


When you’ve eaten pasta your entire life, you come to expect a certain taste and texture, even if it is brown rice or quinoa pasta.

However, the gluten-free, organic mung bean pasta by Explore Asian threw me for a loop for several reasons. Read more »

Middle Earth Organics Tomato Sauce – Another Great Product from Italy

I think sometime soon I am going to have to make a trip and go to an organic trade show in Italy. Why?

Because the organic food that I have tasted from this country is just so, so good.

As you may know, I am totally in love with Dream Foods International’s Italian Volcano Orange Juice, whose oranges are grown in the volcanic soil in Sicily.

And this past weekend, as I stocked up on food in order to prepare for Hurricane Irene, I stumbled across another phenomenal product from Italy – Middle Earth Organics Pasta Sauce.

When I bought a jar of Middle Earth Organics Tomato Sauce with Olives and Capers, I was expecting a very thick, rich and chunky sauce.

Yet, what I encountered was very different. Read more »

Mitoku’s Sobu Noodles – Made of Buckwheat, Not Whole Wheat

Recently, I have been eating quite a bit at Souen, a fantastic macrobiotic and organic restaurant in NYC, and one of my favorite things to order is the Macro Plate.

The Macro Plate is rice, beans, steamed vegetables and sea vegetables with carrot-ginger dressing, but I like to substitute the rice with soba noodles. Seeing as how I have become such a fan of soba noodles as of late, I thought that I would start making them at home.

Easier Said Than Done

In my search for soba noodles at my local organic market, it was very difficult to find organic soba noodles that did not contain wheat. Most contained whole wheat and buckwheat. I wanted buckwheat soba noodles with nothing else added. Read more »

My Saturday in Brooklyn at Smorgasburg – What a Great Day!!!

Brooklyn Flea, which hosts some of the most popular flea markets in the city, recently expanded its offerings. The latest offshoot is called Smorgasburg, billed as a food market that “brings together New York State Greenmarket farmers and top New York City purveyors and chefs on the spectacular Williamsburg waterfront every Saturday.”

Many of these vendors were local food artisans but what interested me, of course, were the organic booths. Needless to say, the skyline of Manhattan and the gorgeous weather made for a spectacular afternoon at Smorgasburg.

These were the organic food vendors that I saw. Read more »

Product Recommendation: Dave's Gourmet Organic Tomato Sauce – Roasted Garlic and Sweet Basil


I can’t believe this stuff comes out of a jar. It’s as if I am eating at one of New York City’s top Italian restaurants.

The chunks of tomatoes and just the right amount of herbs give it an amazing taste.

There are many other organic pasta sauces on the market that are less expensive but not nearly as good.

Sold throughout the country at natural/organic stores and online HERE.