Men’s Health Magazine: 125 Best Foods for Men – Really????

When I heard that Men’s Health magazine recently came out with its 125 Best Foods for Men, I was very curious to see what they selected.

In terms of the process and criteria, the magazine “analyzed more than 1,000 supermarket foods and awarded points for products that are low in calories and high in protein and fiber, and made with whole ingredients.”

Additionally, “the packaged food for consideration must be nationally available at supermarkets in at least a majority of the 50 U.S. states. Products with limited or online-only availability will not be considered for inclusion.”

Before even taking one look at the list, my initial thoughts were: Read more »

Another Great Article from Gastronomica, I Love This Magazine

Several months ago, I profiled the phenomenal food magazine Gastronomica and interviewed its Editor-in-Chief, Darra Goldstein, a professor at Williams College.

If you have never heard of Gastronomica but find the history and culture of food to be as fascinating as I do, it is something that you definitely want to check out.

Gastronomica comes out four times per year and while the cost per magazine is more than your average food glossy at the newsstand, the articles are absolutely first-rate.

For example, in the previous issue, Gastronomica covered a topic that many people have assumptions about but don’t really have a good answer for: Are organic food consumers/advocates Republicans or Democrats? Read more »