Strategies for Eating Organic When Traveling, Some Personal Thoughts

I got an email the other day from a woman who will soon be traveling to Germany and she was quite concerned about not being able to eat organic while on the road.

Prior to my recent trip to Costa Rica, my friends were in shock that I would even consider going abroad because it would mean being away from my local organic markets. They had no idea how I would survive. They must have believed that I would melt.

Given these two occurrences, I wanted to share my strategies for traveling and give you my thoughts on how to deal with this issue.

First off, it is important to do as much research and planning in advance. Find out the following: Read more »

Important News for Parents – BPA Found in Organic Baby Food

Several months I wrote a story about Bisphenol-A (BPA) in organic food cans.

The post continues to get a lot of views because people are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the packaging that their food comes in, even in organic food products.

With news coming out of Maine this morning, parents now need to take extra precaution about what they feed their young kids. Why?

BPA, which is known as a developmental, neural, and reproductive toxin, was found in 11 of 12 baby and toddler foods tested by The Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine.

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Beet Kvass – What is it and Why am I Drinking it?

Organic beet kvass isn’t exactly a household name, similar to a coconut water or even kombucha.

And I don’t believe that it will ever come close to having the same name recognition as these other two drinks.

Yet, its health benefits and utility may surpass them both.

A lacto-fermented beverage of Russian origin, beet kvass provides the body with beneficial bacteria and aids in digestion.

It is also touted as a blood purifier and an excellent way to cleanse the liver.

Unlike kombucha, which uses sugar in the fermentation process, the beet kvass from Hawthorne Valley uses no sugar at all. And because it is a raw drink, all of the vitamins and minerals remain intact.

While I tend to drink it straight, the other great thing about beet kvass is that it can be used as a base for soups, salad dressings or marinades. Read more »

Organic Black Sesame Seeds – Something You’ll Always See in My Kitchen


When it comes to eating, I like clean and light food.

My body seems to reject heavy sauces, fried foods, and sautées, even if they are 100% organic.

I like simplicity in a meal and as a result, I tend to cook a decent amount for myself. Why?

Not only is cooking at home the most inexpensive way to eat organic but I can have exactly what I want. Read more »

Organic Tatsoi – This is a New One for Me

When I was in my local organic market the other day browsing in the produce section, I came across a green that I had never seen before – tatsoi.

It had the most beautiful green color, rich and deep, and its leaves were full-bodied and spoon-shaped. Trying to get a good picture of tatsoi was not that easy because the vegetable was a little unruly.

While it is in the mustard family, this Chinese green was not bitter or sharp at all. In fact, it was very, very different than I thought it would taste. Read more »

Infected Salmon Eggs are Found in the Proposed GE-Salmon — Safety and Credibility are Now Major Issues

I have been writing about the genetically-engineered salmon issue for quite a while now, and last week I put up a story about how Congress held hearings for the first-time ever about this FrankenFish.

As I mentioned in the post, it was a great step in raising awareness of this abhorrent technology and hopefully it will never get approved.

AquaBounty, the company that is trying to receive FDA approval for genetically-engineered salmon, has been telling the public that this “fish” is safe – safe for humans and safe for the environment, both of which is completely absurd in my opinion.

Now we have documentation that calls into serious question the credibility of AquaBounty and its willingness to tell the truth.

According to recently released documents (PDF file), AquaBounty’s research site in Canada was contaminated with a new strain of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA), the deadly fish flu that is devastating fish stocks around the globe. Read more »