Organic Coconut Oil on Bread – So Simple, So Good

First off, to those of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and ate some great food.

Maybe there are many people out who feel the same way, but I just absolutely love putting organic coconut oil on my bread. (When I do this around my father around, he looks at me like I am an alien. For him, it is nothing but butter.)

I have nothing against jelly. In fact, I really like the BioNaturae jellies that come from Italy.  They are spectacular, fresh, and sugar-free.

However, the taste that coconut oil gives to bread is second to none in my book. Read more »

Approval of Genetically-Engineered Salmon Appears Imminent, Tell the FDA “No”

For several years, the FDA has been considering whether to approve genetically-engineered salmon and it just released (right before a major holiday) an Environmental Assessment as to whether it is safe or not.

(If you are not familiar with this whole genetically-engineered salmon issue, please see the video at the bottom of this post which gives a great explanation.)

Continuing the Obama administration’s pandering to the biotech industry, the Environmental Assessment (EA) said GE-salmon is safe and poses no real risks, and this report paves the way for approval in 2013.

Needless to say, this is horrible news.

The public backlash against this “FrankenFish” has been very clear, yet it has fallen on completely deaf ears.

– Over 400,000 comments were submitted demanding that this GE-salmon be rejected.

– More than 300 environmental, consumer, health and animal welfare organizations, salmon and fishing groups and associations, food companies, chefs, and restaurants filed joint statements with FDA opposing approval. Read more »

Veggies for Carnivores is an Excellent Resource for People Craving More Vegetables

When I go to the supermarket, my absolute favorite place to shop, look, and browse is the vegetable section.

I am captivated by the bright colors, fascinating shapes, and wide variety of flavors from the vast array of these plant-based foods.

Even though I could take many of the beautiful vegetables that catch my eye and throw them into the juicer, I know that they could be put to use in many other ways.

And that is precisely why Veggies for Carnivores is so compelling.

Author, blogger, cook, and world traveler Lora Krulak takes the mystery out of preparing vegetable-based recipes and demonstrates their incredible versatility in the kitchen. Read more »

Veria Living Hosts a “Veria Voices” Dinner at Pure Food and Wine in NYC

Last night at Pure Food and Wine, Veria Living, the leading media company dedicated to health and wellness, had a party to celebrate the launch of Veria Voices.

As it was pitched to us, Veria Voices is “an exciting new programming initiative designed to give the top leaders in wellness a significant voice across all of the Veria platforms – TV, Internet, mobile” and the five of us above (l to r, Jess Underhill, Elena Brower, Rebekah Borucki, Matt Stabile) were selected to be the initial Voices. Read more »

Recipe for a Maca Berry Blast Smoothie

Recently, I have been playing around with smoothies using a variety of different superfoods.

Superfoods provide excellent health benefits and many of them are loaded with antioxidants.

This is particularly the case with two of the superfoods that I used this morning to make a Maca Berry Blast smoothie.

Maca comes in powder form and originates from Peru. Thousands of years old, Maca is believed to enhance your energy, stamina, and endurance. Some men claim that it also helps with the libido.

Maqui berry comes in powder form as well and is considered the highest antioxidant berry in the world. It has an ORAC score (which measures antioxidant activity) of 616. Its closest competitor, acai, has an ORAC score of 185, which is 3x less than maqui berry. Read more »

My Breakfast Today: Green Tea Cacao Smoothie

Several days a week, I make smoothies for breakfast.

For the base of the smoothies, I often use Brazil nuts or black sesame seeds to make the milk.

However, when I am in the mood for something a little lighter, I’ll substitute nuts/seeds with tea. Yes, tea.

While I am completely sold on the medicinal benefits of tea, I am just not a (hot) tea drinker. So, in order to get the huge amounts of antioxidant benefits of tea, I’ll use it in my smoothies. Read more »

Boku Makes the Best Protein Powder

For a long time, people have been emailing me wanting to know which organic protein powder they should buy.

It took a while but now I finally have an answer.

Boku’s Super Protein is the best certified organic protein powder that I have seen so far.

While I have no issue at all with consuming whey protein (dairy-based), Boku’s Super Protein is different in that it is both raw and vegan.

And when you start to look closely at the ingredient list in this protein powder, you can immediately tell that a great amount of care and thought went into the formulation.

Let’s talk about a few of the ingredients: Read more »