Have We Been Misled? 5 Organic Foods That Should Make You Think Twice

I spend an inordinate amount of time learning about the healthiest and newest organic food products available. Through my research at the various trade shows (Natural Products Expo East and Natural Products Expo West are my two favorites), talking to industry contacts, roaming supermarket aisles, speaking with as many well-informed food people as I can and reading books, I have come to the following conclusion:

You can take almost any food in the world and some health expert will have something good to say about it while a different health expert will have something bad to say about it.

So, what I do is educate myself as much as I can and then make my own decision about whether I should be eating it or not.

The following five organic foods seem to be the most controversial. While books could be written on all of the foods below and by no means am I covering all of the pros/cons of each, I will try to highlight the most salient points. Read more »

The GoodOnYa Bar's Breakfast Bar – Video Product Review

In this video, I review The GoodOnYa Bar’s Breakfast Bar.

A few main reasons why I like this bar.

– It is real food and tastes like real food.  It doesn’t taste like a highly processed bar.

– Contains Brazil nuts, my favorite kind of nuts.

– Sweetened with maple syrup – this is pretty rare.

– About 64% raw.

I interviewed the founder of The GoodOnYa Bar, Kris Fillat, earlier this year and she gave me a great explanation about the safety of eating peanuts. The bar was also included in my Best of Show from the 2010 Expo West Trade Show.

The Breakfast Bars are primarily sold in Southern California but can be purchased online HERE.

Organic Peanuts: Safe to Eat? – Episode #2

At the recent 2010 Natural Products Expo West Trade Show, I interviewed Kris Fillat, the founder of The GoodOnYa Bar.

During our conversation, Kris gave me a really interesting explanation about the safety of peanuts as it relates to salmonella. If you are like me and have been nervous to eat peanuts because of the health scares in the news, this is one video that you will want to watch.

Kris also gives us some background on her company and her amazing Breakfast Bar. It is one of the best bars that I have tasted in a long, long time.