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A Recent Interview on Bringing It

Recently, I did an interview on a blog called Bringing It. The person who runs this blog, Jerry Barca, is someone that I connected with on Twitter about a year ago and we’ve been in touch ever since.

In his interview, we touched on many organic and non-organic food subjects, such as:

– My biggest reason for going organic.

– If I could only eat one organic food, which one would it be.

– Why water quality should be a huge factor in a person’s desire to eat organic.

– My advice to people who want to quit drinking, smoking or antidepressants.

– Dating an organic woman.

….and many others. Go check out the interview HERE.

A message from Foodstirs

Finally! Yum-Mazing Donuts Without all the Junk

Consumers refuse to compromise, and Foodstirs — with its Junk-Free Bakery™ — is delivering on those expectations.

USDA certified organic, Non-GMO, nothing artificial, 25% less sugar than those other guys and yum-mazing taste!

Get your donuts today.

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