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A Recent Interview on Bringing It

Recently, I did an interview on a blog called Bringing It. The person who runs this blog, Jerry Barca, is someone that I connected with on Twitter about a year ago and we’ve been in touch ever since.

In his interview, we touched on many organic and non-organic food subjects, such as:

– My biggest reason for going organic.

– If I could only eat one organic food, which one would it be.

– Why water quality should be a huge factor in a person’s desire to eat organic.

– My advice to people who want to quit drinking, smoking or antidepressants.

– Dating an organic woman.

….and many others. Go check out the interview HERE.

A message from Tradin Organic

How Tradin Organic is Helping Coconut Farmers in The Philippines

For more than a decade, Tradin Organic has been working with local partners in The Philippines to bring a diversified range of organic products to the market, such as coconut oil, tropical fruits and even cocoa.

The company is helping to support local farmers by assisting them with technical support and organic certification, in addition to paying Fairtrade premium on top of the organic premium.

Learn more.

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