My Article in Mantra Magazine is My Highlight of 2014


I’ve been fortunate to do many amazing things and meet a ton of inspirational people in 2014.

Yet, if I had to pick my highlight of the year, it is probably the article that I just wrote in Mantra: Yoga+Health magazine.

When the magazine first hit the stands, I vividly remember being hunched over in the aisle at Whole Foods Market in NYC’s Union Square, absorbing every single word. What I felt after reading these few pages touched me in a way that nothing else had in a long, long time.

To be honest, my reaction really took me by surprise and I never imagined that I would be so overcome with emotion. Why was I so moved by this article?

I write blog posts all of the time that get shared throughout the world on the Internet. Additionally, I also have been lucky enough to have been profiled in The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, Bloomberg and many others major media outlets.

So, what was so special about this one? Read more »

My Top 10 Organic Food Moments of 2013

Here is a list of of my top 10 organic food moments from 2013, and these are both industry achievements and personal highlights.

1) Whole Foods announces that all GMOs in its stores will be labeled by 2018

Unwilling to wait for a federal labeling law, Whole Foods decided to take matters into its own hands and made this historic announcement in March of this year. The importance of this decision cannot be underestimated as it has already kickstarted an enormous shift in the non-GMO and organic supply chain.

Immediately after the company released this news to its vendors and to the media at Natural Products Expo West 2013 in Anaheim, I spoke with Co-CEO Walter Robb and President A.C. Gallo about the announcement.

Without question, this has to be the most important event of the year and its reverberations will be felt for decades to come. Read more »

An Inside View of Hurricane Sandy, My Organic Food Supplies

On Monday night in New York City at about 8PM EST or so, I was literally ten minutes away from publishing a post about all of the organic food that I bought before Hurricane Sandy’s arrival.

Yet, the electricity went out and the post never went up.

Scroll down to the bottom to see these foods and read about them if you wish. However, this information seems really trivial and unimportant to me right now. Why?

The devastation that this storm has caused to NYC, New Jersey, Long Island and other parts of the East Coast is the only thing on my mind right now. Lives have been lost, homes have been ruined, communities and towns have been completely upended, and countless small businesses are sure to go bankrupt.

Since I was in downtown Manhattan during and after the storm, here is what I experienced. Read more »

My 3-Day Silent Meditation Retreat

Early this morning was the start of a 3-day silent meditation retreat I am doing here in New York City hosted by an organization called The Art of Living. (Last night was the introduction/orientation but today begins the official silence).

I took the beginning course at The Art of Living in 2004 where I learned the very powerful
Sudarshan Kriya breathing exercise and hadn’t been back there until an Open House event a few weeks ago.

It was at this Open House that several people told me the Art of Silence course completely rocked their world. One woman told me that she had never been able to create a profitable business until she took this course, and her company has exploded ever since and revenues continue to grow like crazy.

When she told me this story, it really hit home. Why? Read more »

My Organic Liquid Dinner Last Night

To be honest, the amount of juicing I have been doing lately has been pretty inconsistent.

The reason for this?

I play this game of trying to convince myself that drinking a large quantity of wheatgrass on a daily basis means that I don’t have to juice nearly as much. Read more »

Are Fermented Foods the Key to Happiness?

Whether it is with a salad or any other dish that I am making at home, organic fermented foods – usually sauerkraut (above) or kimchee – can almost always be found on my plate. Why is this?

I have come to understand that if we want to have a strong immune system, we must take care of our gut and provide it with beneficial bacteria.

And that is exactly what fermented foods give us – beneficial bacteria.

Dr. Natascha Campbell-McBride, a Russian neurologist and founder of the GAPS Diet, says that: Read more »

Recap of My Two Talks in Herkimer, NY: Beating Depression Naturally and Organic Food

Last week, I was in upstate New York where I gave two presentations at Herkimer County Community College.

The first talk was on Beating Depression Naturally. Aside from sharing my own personal story of what happened during and after my 11 years of antidepressants, I provided the students eight different ways to fight depression naturally, a few of which were avoiding refined sugar, yoga, meditation, and eating more organic and raw food.

This presentation was covered by the local press, including the Herkimer Telegram and the local NBC affiliate (To watch the video, click on the blue box on the left that says “healthy living”).
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