5 Organic News Stories to Know About – Essential Health Info for Women, GMO-Labeling, and More

Here are five important organic news stories to know about.


If you are a woman, this is an absolute must-read piece of news.

As I have written about in the past, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Review of Cancer declared that glyphosate – the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s bestselling weedkiller Roundup – was a “probable carcinogen” and linked to cancer in humans. Read more »

TAKE ACTION: Tell California to Label Glyphosate as a Cancer-Causing Chemical



Recently, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Review of Cancer declared that glyphosate – the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s bestselling weedkiller Roundup – was a “probable carcinogen” and linked to cancer in humans.

Each year more than 280 million pounds of glyphosate are sprayed on farmers’ fields across the country, and the U.S. Geological Survey has found glyphosate in more than 75% of air, rain and stream samples taken across the Midwest.

In addition to being linked to cancer, numerous studies have connected glyphosate with liver and kidney disease, and being responsible for wiping out more than 90% of the monarch butterfly population. Read more »

First Bite – My New Organic Food Newsletter

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I am thrilled to share with you today my newest organic food venture called First Bite!

So, what is First Bite?

First Bite is a weekly curated email that will tell you about what is new and interesting in the food world.

One email per week, five links per email. Nothing more.

And it can be read in seconds.

In each email, you will get our (and our guest curators’) best ideas of food products, drinks, restaurants, juice bars, events, recipes, apps, books, podcasts, and movies, all with a very heavy emphasis on organic and sustainable. Read more »

WOW!!!! McDonald’s is Launching its First Organic Hamburger

(Courtesy: McDonald's Germany)

(Photo: McDonald’s Germany)

Is the tide really starting to turn in the food world?

Or, is it that McDonald’s is just tired of closing new stores and reporting horrible numbers – quarter after quarter – to Wall Street?

Frankly, I could not care less about its motivation for doing so, but the fact that McDonald’s has just unveiled its first organic hamburger is a seriously significant event.

Next week in Germany, the fast food chain will be launching the McB, which will contain a hamburger patty made from antibiotic-free, humanely-raised, organic beef.

There will be two different versions of its organic hamburger (varying types of cheese, buns, and lettuce) and customers can vote on which one they like the best. Read more »

The Living Maxwell Show on Periscope: Organic vs. Non-GMO — What’s the Difference?

One of the questions that I get a lot is: what is the difference between Organic and Non-GMO?

On The Living Maxwell Show on Periscope, I discussed this and also did a Q/A with viewers.

Each Living Maxwell Show on Periscope is 12 minutes long and will air on Mondays and Thursdays at 3PM EST.

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If you’re unfamiliar with this platform or want to know how it works, I explain it all below. Read more »

Eco-Friendly Fridays: Why Bears for Humanity is Such a Fantastic and Important Gift for Kids

The best part about having Living Maxwell is that it gives me a vehicle to share important and interesting stories with the world.

While my focus will continue to center around food, I have decided to start a new monthly column called Eco-Friendly Friday. This will showcase some amazing organic, non-food items that I believe people ought to know about, and it will appear on the third Friday of every month. I already have several fantastic things lined up for the next few columns, so stay tuned!


When the founders of Bears for Humanity, Vijay and Renju Prathap (above), became the proud parents of twins two years ago, their worldview totally shifted. The only thing that mattered was the health and well-being of their two little ones, and that meant a shift to consuming organic food and purchasing the safest toys and clothes. Read more »

TAKE ACTION: Tell President Obama, USDA to Stop Undermining Organics

saveorganicpetitionDespite the fact that organic is more popular than ever and companies such as Walmart and Target are significantly boosting their offerings, one would think that support for organic in Washington, D.C. would be growing as well.

Sadly, that is not the case.

Not only is support for organic not growing, the Obama administration and his USDA are doing everything they can to weaken organic standards and dismantle the authority of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), an independent, 15-member advisory board which helps to oversee the industry and make important recommendations.


One of the most important policies that we have in organic is something called The Sunset Rule.  What this means is the following. Read more »