Talking About Organic Food and Hybridized Food On Fox News Channel with Supermodel Carol Alt

Written by Max Goldberg on December 11, 2013. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.



This past weekend, I was on A Healthy You & Carol Alt on Fox News Channel. On last month’s show, Carol Alt and I discussed the health risks of GMOs and the lack of GMO-labeling in U.S.

In this most recent show, we talked about organic food. Two of the main topics that we covered were the superior nutrition that organic provides, and the difference between hybridized food (allowed in organic food) and genetically-engineered food (not allowed in organic). Read More »

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gimMe Organic Seaweed Snacks – I Am Obsessed!!!!!

Written by Max Goldberg on August 10, 2013. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.


If you know me or have read my bio, you might be aware that I have had some addiction issues in the past.

Fortunately, those problems are behind me, and I have stayed on a positive path for many years now. One of the things that I attribute to my being to able avoid negative influences in my life has been my will power. Read More »

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Top 5 Organic Products from the 2013 Fancy Food Show in NYC

Written by Max Goldberg on July 14, 2013. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

Last week, I attended the 2013 Fancy Food Show in NYC, North America’s largest specialty food and beverage event. With 180,000 products from 2,400 vendors, there was a tremendous amount to see.

Here are my Top 5 Organic Products from the 2013 Fancy Food Show, and look for them at a supermarket near you sometime this year.



Maqui berry powder is starting to gain significant traction in the marketplace because of its very high level of antioxidants.

Seeking to capitalize on the growing interest of this powerful berry from South America, a Chilean company called Bberri has introduced an organic blueberry-maqui berry juice, a product that I have never seen before. Read More »

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IMPORTANT Information About Non-GMO Food

Written by Max Goldberg on April 14, 2013. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.


Before I begin this post, let me be clear about one thing. I am very, very against GMOs.

I write about the tremendous health risks of GMOs, hold fundraisers to help get GMOs labeled, am a member of the Just Label It! campaign, participate in GMO Right to Know marches, and discuss how GMOs contribute to the toxicity of our water supply.

Most importantly, I do not consume GMOs nor purchase products that contain them.

GMOs are receiving a tremendous amount of attention these days, especially with Whole Foods’ recent announcement that all GMOs in their stores will be labeled by 2018.

All this being said, it is incredibly important that you understand one thing. Non-GMO is not the same, or as good, as organic. Read More »

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CircleUp Raises Millions of Dollars for Organic Food Companies

Written by Max Goldberg on February 14, 2013. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.



I interact with a countless number of early-stage, organic food companies and I can tell you one thing – running these businesses is not an easy task.

Aside from the tight profit margins, increasing food costs, and extensive paperwork dealing with organic certification, raising investment dollars is a very challenging endeavor.

These are not high-flying technology companies, which attract the lion’s share of angel investment money. Furthermore, most investors don’t understand the intricacies of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Fortunately, a San Francisco-based start-up called CircleUp is helping to address this fundraising problem. Read More »

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