MUST-VISIT: Le Botaniste in NYC is Absolutely Stellar


When I got wind that Alain Coumont, founder of the mega-successful Le Pain Quotidien, had opened up a new organic concept on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, I knew that I had to check it out immediately.

So, last Saturday, I headed uptown and had dinner at his latest venture called Le Botaniste. And it just so happened that Alain Coumont was there that evening, and he spent the entire night with us, bringing out dish after dish and sharing his vision for this new venue. Read more »

Green Bar & Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a Winner



For a few years now, I had been hearing non-stop about Green Bar & Kitchen, an organic plant-based restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Some of my friends in Miami insisted that Green Bar & Kitchen made the best veggie burger that they had ever eaten. Others were simply shocked that I hadn’t been there yet.

Even though I have been in Miami a good number of times over the past few years, for some reason I just had never made the 30 minute drive north to check this place out.

Until recently, that is. Read more »

A Fantastic Evening at Exhibit C in NYC with Mind Travel


Last week, I attended my first event at the newly-opened Exhibit C, the brainchild of acclaimed vegan chef Daphne Cheng.

Located in New York City’s Lower East Side, Exhibit C is not a restaurant nor is it your standard event space. To be honest, I had trouble wrapping my arms around exactly what this place was until I experienced it first-hand.

On her website, Daphne Cheng describes it as: a food-as-art gallery, a kitchen classroom, a recipe laboratory, a culinary incubator, a never-ending celebration of food. Read more »

Feel Food in NYC Gets an A+ for Innovation and Taste


If you live in Greenwich Village in NYC, as I do, it is time to come clean. We are completely and utterly spoiled. Why?

Among other reasons, this neighborhood must have the greatest concentration of organic restaurants, supermarkets, and pressed juice bars of anywhere in the world. And with the recent opening of organic restaurant Feel Food, we may now have the most innovative restaurant of them all. Read more »

The Green Radish, a Vegan Organic Food Truck in NYC, is PHENOMENAL


I know that food trucks are the rage these days but to be perfectly honest, they’ve never really excited me too much.

Maybe that’s because so few of them are organic, and the majority of the ones that line the streets in New York City don’t look appetizing at all.

So, when I heard about a new vegan organic food truck here called The Green Radish, I was a little hesitant.

Yet, what spurred me to go check it out was that owner/operator James Rafferty has some serious credentials. Not only is he a Culinary Institute of America graduate, but he was formerly the sous chef at Bouley, one of the top restaurants in NYC, and has also logged time at other Michelin star restaurants.

Needless to say, I was blown away by the quality of the food at The Green Radish and here are a few dishes that I tried. Read more »

My Top 5 Picks at Juice Press in NYC

When you come to New York City and ask someone where to get pressed organic juice, there is an excellent chance that Juice Press will be mentioned. And for good reason.

What started out as a small, one-store operation in the East Village in 2010 has quickly exploded to 13 locations throughout NYC and the Hamptons. With many more stores to be opened over the next few years and $7M from investors such as Home Depot’s Ken Langone and billionaire hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller, Founder Marcus Antebi has proven that he has what it takes to build a serious brand in the organic world.

One of the things that you’ll notice when you enter a Juice Press location is the enormous selection of both juices and food, which made choosing my five favorite picks all that more difficult. And believe me, there were plenty of items that I consume on a regular basis that did not make this list.



Quite simply, an avocado sandwich is not supposed to taste this good. Period. I have no idea what is in the secret sauce, but this sandwich blows me away every time I eat it. Read more »

There is A LOT to Love About Ellary’s Greens in NYC


Several months ago, a new restaurant opened in New York City called Ellary’s Greens. When I read the website, which promoted itself as “natural and organic”, and made a phone call to see how much of the menu was indeed organic, the response I received was “we get as much organic as we can.”

I hear this answer a lot, which doesn’t really tell me much. And to be honest, it doesn’t make much of an impression either. So, I avoided going to Ellary’s Greens.

And what a huge mistake that was.

After finally visiting the restaurant in-person and speaking to the warm, vivacious, and incredibly passionate owner, Leith Hill, I learned that Ellary’s Greens is extremely committed to organic – anywhere from 95% to 100% of the menu is organic. If something is conventional, it is only because the supplier does not have it in stock and the restaurant will inform you if this is the case.

Having been allayed of this concern, I saw first-hand what I was missing out on – a fantastic menu and a beautifully designed restaurant in a great location in the West Village. Read more »