The Best Farmers Market in the U.S. is in Miami, Florida

Written by Max Goldberg on January 25, 2014. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.


Most people would probably say that choosing the best farmers market in the country would be based on selection, prices, quantity, how much is organic, crowds, and overall experience.

For me, it is much more simple.

Which farmers market will dictate my entire travel schedule just so I can be there for it? Read More »

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My Dinner at Choices Cafe in Miami, Florida

Written by Max Goldberg on January 20, 2014. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.


If you follow me on Facebook, you know that last week I took a short trip to Miami — I put up a bunch of pictures of the juice that I drank and the food that I ate down there.

What you didn’t see was food from a visit to Choices Cafe, an organic vegan restaurant in downtown Miami, right off of Brickell.

Given that several of my friends in the industry had told me about Choices Cafe and the restaurant has been listed in my Pressed Organic Juice Directory for quite some time, I was eager to go check it out. Read More »

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John Schott of Lifefood Gourmet Discusses his Transition from Hardcore Raw Vegan to Meat Eater

Written by Max Goldberg on March 28, 2012. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

Several weeks ago when I was in Miami, I stopped by one of my all-time favorite organic restaurants, Lifefood Gourmet.

Lifefood Gourmet is run by the super-talented John Schott, the person who first taught me about raw food and who also showed me how to make nut milk.

In 2007 when I first met John Schott, he was as hardcore of a raw food person as I had ever encountered. He ate 100% raw for eight years and strongly believed that this was the ultimate lifestyle.

So when I went back to see John Schott a few years later and he told me that he was now eating grass-fed beef, I almost fell off of my chair. I could not believe that these words were coming out of the mouth of someone who so firmly believed in raw food as a way of life. Read More »

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My Dinner on Friday Night at Metro Organic Bistro in Miami

Written by Max Goldberg on February 19, 2012. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

On Friday night in Miami, I went to an organic restaurant on Biscayne Boulevard called Metro Organic Bistro.

My good friend Lora Krulak told me about Metro Organic Bistro and had positive things to say about the place, so I was eager to try it out. Here’s what I had.

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