Genetically-Engineered Apples that Won’t Turn Brown??? Tell the USDA “No”

Written by Max Goldberg on August 25, 2012. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

Let’s put this under the You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up category.

Under a new USDA fast-track process, a Canadian company is asking the USDA to approve a genetically-engineered (GE) apple that will not turn brown when sliced.

Now for some questions……

What happens when an apple is sliced open and exposed to oxygen? It turns brown.

Does it lose any of its flavor or nutritional value? No. Read More »

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5 Reasons to Eat Organic Apples

Written by Max Goldberg on May 1, 2012. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.


In a previous post, I wrote that milk is the most important organic product that a family can buy.

But milk is by no means the only item that people should be concerned about.

The worst offender on the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list are apples.

Forbes magazine recently did an excellent piece talking about five reasons to eat organic apples, and I wanted to share the highlights with you and provide commentary. To read the full article, click here.

Reason #1 – The average conventionally grown apple has more pesticide residue on it than any other fruit or vegetable.

Data from the Environmental Working Group showed that 98% of 700 apples tested had pesticides on them and that 48 different pesticides appeared. WOW!!!! Read More »

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Final Reflections on Costa Rica, What the Heck is a Biodigester, What Noni Looks Like

Written by Max Goldberg on March 1, 2012. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

Before heading down to Costa Rica, I had no idea that it would be one of the best trips that I would ever take and that it would impact me so greatly.

Now back in New York City, I have been trying to wrap my arms around why I loved it so much. Three main things come to mind:

1) First and foremost, it was a phenomenal group of people on the trip. Despite the fact that almost none of us had ever met before, we all got along really, really well. No drama, very easy, and everyone was extremely likeable.

Additionally, the individuals from EARTH University who hosted and took us around Costa Rica were beyond gracious. Their warmth and concern for our well-being was just truly amazing. Read More »

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How Sustainable Bananas are Produced at EARTH University in Costa Rica

Written by Max Goldberg on February 24, 2012. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

When I was at EARTH University in Costa Rica, I got a chance to learn everything about sustainable banana production – from how they are grown in the fields to how they are shipped to the U.S.

In this video, I’ll take you onto the banana plantation of EARTH University and show you the issues that they have to deal with when growing bananas in such humid conditions.

What’s important to note is that it took EARTH University many, many years for its sustainable bananas to reach profitability and the school was told by consultants that the program wasn´t going to work. Read More »

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An Illegal Fungicide Found in Conventional Orange Juice – Another Reason to Buy Organic

Written by Max Goldberg on January 13, 2012. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

Stories about the toxicity of our food supply just keep rolling in.

As I wrote about recently, numerous samples of conventional apple juice were found to have unsafe and illegal levels of arsenic. And now orange juice is having its own set of problems.

Coca-Cola, which makes Minute Maid and Simply Orange, reported to the FDA on December 28th that some Brazilian growers of oranges that are used in the company’s juices and those of its competitors had sprayed their trees with carbendazim, a toxic fungicide.

As a result, the FDA has temporarily halted (PDF) all shipments of imported orange juice while it conducts field tests. Products already on supermarket shelves that have “low levels” of carbendazim (80 parts per billion) may still be sold. Read More »

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Organic Kaffir Limes – WOW, These are Amazing!

Written by Max Goldberg on December 13, 2011. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

A while ago I did a story on gold nugget mandarins and when I saw this unknown fruit above, I couldn’t help but think of them because of the similarity of the rind.

And just as I had never seen gold nugget mandarins before, the same was true with these organic kaffir limes.

When I started asking the woman at my local organic market about kaffir limes, she quickly asked “Do you want to try one?”

With a bit of reluctance, I said “Ok, I guess.” After all, eating limes isn’t something that I normally do. Read More »

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Ever Seen One of These Before? I Hadn’t Until The Other Day – An Organic Gold Nugget Mandarin

Written by Max Goldberg on May 19, 2011. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

When I was in my local organic market the other day, a handful of unconventionally-looking oranges were sitting in a back shelf.

I had never seen anything that look like these and then asked the guy working there a question.

“Do you these come like this?” Read More »

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