Top 5 Organic Food Products from Natural Products Expo West 2014

Written by Max Goldberg on March 19, 2014. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

Expo West 2014 was a particularly difficult show to choose only 5 products, and I easily could have selected 10 or so. The innovation at this year’s expo was fantastic, and it never ceases to amaze me what organic food companies will come up with next.

I have done something different with this year’s awards. Not only did I decide to do it in a video format, but I invited my friend Vani Hari of Food Babe to critique my selections. As you can tell from above, we had so much fun discussing these products, and we plan on repeating this at each subsequent trade show. Read More »

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Comeback Award from Natural Products Expo West 2014 – GoodOnYa

Written by Max Goldberg on March 17, 2014. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.


At Natural Products Expo West 2010, I discovered a company called GoodOnYa and really flipped out over its energy bars.

Over time, however, the quality of the company’s products seemed to slip and I could not figure out why. When I caught up with GoodOnYa’s Founder/CEO Kris Fillat at this year’s show, she fully agreed with my assessment and said that for the last few years the company had suffered from some very serious issues with its co-packer (manufacturer).

Fortunately, all of these problems are in the past, and the company’s products are not only back to where they were but they are significantly better than they were four years ago. Read More »

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Best Packaging from Natural Products Expo West 2014 – TruVibe Organics

Written by Max Goldberg on March 16, 2014. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.


If you’ve seen my favorite movie ever – What The Bleep Do We Know? – then you are no doubt familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Dr. Emoto did studies that showed the crystal formations of water molecules actually change when positive messages are put on the outside of glasses of water. Hence, positive messages have a real impact, on both an emotional and physical level. Read More »

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Best Trade Show Booths from Natural Products Expo West 2014 – Suja, Bitsy’s Brainfood

Written by Max Goldberg on March 14, 2014. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

Even though much of the talk at Natural Products Expo West usually centers around the new products being unveiled, I always like to recognize the companies that put extra effort into designing the most interesting and imaginative trade show booths.

To me, it speaks volumes about the companies who go the extra mile to create experiences that are both unique and memorable.

At Natural Products Expo West 2014, two booths really stood out and interestingly enough, it was the same people who took home the prize in 2013 as well.



At this time last year, Greg Fleishman was Chief Marketing Officer for Sambazon and the person responsible for creating that company’s award-winning tiki booth.

This year, Greg is Chief Marketing Officer at pressed organic juice powerhouse Suja, and he achieved a similar result. If you combine these two accolades with all of the impressive product launches that he has overseen, Greg Fleishman is cementing his reputation as one of the best marketing executives in the industry. Period.

Suja’s booth resonated with me for two main reasons. Read More »

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Top 5 Non-Food Products of Natural Products Expo West 2013

Written by Max Goldberg on April 6, 2013. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

Even though food is a huge component of Natural Products Expo West, it is not the only category that is exhibited there.

Supplements also have a very big presence, but what really fascinates me are a lot of the non-food items. So, what I like to do after each trade show is present to you some of the most memorable and compelling household items that I come across.

Here are my Top 5 Non-Food Products of Natural Products Expo West 2013.



Filtered water is a very hot topic because the quality of our water supply is so abysmal and contains toxic chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, and atrazine.

Many people ask me about Britta and while it is better than no filter at all, I don’t believe that it is ideal by any means.

At Expo West, I came across a company called Clearly Filtered, a competitor to Britta, yet its results seem to be superior. Read More »

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